Fishing in Salt Water

Saltwater fishing is much more varied than freshwater fishing. One can fish from the beach or a boat, just like the option of fishing from the shore or a boat in fresh water fishing, but there are many different kinds and sizes of fish when compared to a stream, lake or pond.  The type of reels are the same as fresh water fishing too, but the type of spinning or fly rod you would use to fish for a grunt versus a sailfish would be quite different in their size and build.

If you want to learn more about salt water fishing you need to start by first narrowing down where you will fish and what you are trying to catch.

Surf Fishing

If you have access to a beach where you can fish from, this is the easiest way to get introduced to salt water fishing. The amount of gear and preparation can be kept to a bare minimum, at least when compared to what you might need if you were fishing from a boat.

Near Shore Fishing

There are a lot of differences between tropical waters, like what you would find in the Caribbean or Gulf of Mexico, and areas with less near shore shallow waters along  much of the Atlantic and Pacific coasts. Even so there near shore fishing is something that is readily accessible to a wide range of different fisherman because the type of boats that can be used.

Deep Sea Fishing

Few people that have access to bigger boats that can bring one to places to pursue deep water fish will need to learn how to fish on their own.  Most people that want to go deep sea fishing and need help opt to charter a boat. This can be expensive but, for what is involved in seeing how to fish for large ocean fish, typically is very uncomplicated. You pay someone to take you fishing and they provide all that you will need: a boat, fishing tackle, knowledge or where to go and the techniques to use and even help cleaning what you catch if you are lucky enough to catch a big fish.