Fishing Tackle

Spinning Reels

Spinning reels are offered in the widest variety of sizes and prices of all the basic types of reel designs. They are relatively easy to learn to use. Their versatility allows them to be used for fishing across the widest range of conditions – for many species of fish and in many different habitats....continue reading about fishing reels, including information about bait casting reels, fly reels and spinning reels.

You can also read this little story about Fishing Reel history. It begins like this.......

A Chinese Painting, circa 1200 A.D., provides the earliest evidence of a fishing reel. Primitive reels were similar to a simply fly reel. They consisted of a modified wheel, with a handle, that could be used for storing, winding, and pulling off line. Each turn of the handle was equal to a single turn of the spool.

There is also a bit about the History of Hooks that begins.....

Fish hooks have evolved many times in numerous cultures. The earliest known examples of bent barbless hooks are from the First Egyptian Dynasty (~ 3000 B.C.) and by ~1200 B.C. barbed hooks were in use in Ancient Egypt. We have to reach farther back into more primitive cultures to trace how the fish hook was born.